Autismal Endeavors

This is a blog about Autism. More specficially, it’s a blog covering all the facets of the Spectrum that don’t get enough coverage in the public discourse. Autism is a wide-ranging phenomenon, more indicative of a personality type than a specific list of symptoms. One of the most potent aspects of the Spectrum is the concept of “special interests,” fixations that draw much of an Autistic individual’s attention; because of that, the blog will also cover my particular interests. These include, among other things, politics, music, writing, Bruce Springsteen and hockey. Currently, I study political science in a PhD program; in my spare time – believe it or not, we have spare time – I pursue music and creative writing as hobbies, though I have yet to make a serious attempt at any professional outlets for either. I also religiously watch the New York Rangers.

I started writing on a nightly basis about five years ago, usually for 30-45 minutes. That writing covered anything that came to mind – stories, essays, music, ramblings – and as a result I accumulated a large volume of work that I rarely ever shared with people. A few friends started telling me that it was insane to put in all that effort without making the work accessible to people. I started toying with the idea of throwing it up on a blog in 2016. Using Autism as the unifying theme allowed for a catch-all blog that could encapsulate whatever I wanted to share, since I could lump all of it into the “special interest” category.  It also seemed that my most engaging material revolved around aspects of the Autism Spectrum.

This blog contains whatever writings I have that I don’t think I can publish elsewhere. It serves as sort of a portfolio of work to point to. It also allows me to air ideas, rather than just let them fester. When I write, I write without a filter, as though no one will ever read it, so some of these posts might come across as personal. I plan on editing them as I see fit, which also depends on what kind of traffic I get. If it only circulates amongst a few friends, I’ll probably leave the material as is.

Apart from a sort of grab-bag of musings on Autism, the blog will also feature:

  • Thoughts on “special interests”
  • Material rejected from publication (mostly political)
  • Old material that went unshared
  • Speeches given
  • Creative work (fiction, songwriting)

It’s worth noting that this blog was started in February of 2016, then abandoned immediately and re-started in April 2017. Everything posted before April 2017 was dug up from a folder on my computer.

Anyway, without further ado, I hope you enjoy my Autismal Endeavors.


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